Derek Gripper gave up the violin for classical guitar when he was a teenager so that he could work alone. A few years later he realised he didn’t really like classical guitar music (no offence, but it just wasn’t for him), so he went on a journey through foreign lands and friend’s music collections. He found a lot of great music and found that none of it could be played on a simple six string guitar. So he changed that.

Now you can hear the guitar play music that isn’t actually guitar music. You can hear virtuoso African harp music, avant grade Brazilian music, Zimbabwean mbira music and Estonian minimalism…all on one guitar. And even better, playing this music taught Derek a thing or two about composition, so you can hear the new music which results when a restless South African discovers the classical guitar, and introduces it, note by note, to the music of the world.

Oh, and he still loves Bach. Except now he plays it with an accent.