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Pay-What-You-Want: Why?

I have been engaged in heady philosophical debate with anybody who cares to listen for some weeks now. The question being: at a time when One Night on Earth is getting excellent press attention and opening doors on all fronts, am I being crazy to insist that people who download the digital file from my website can do so for “a fair price of their own choosing”?

Truth is I find this possibility really too interesting to pass up. Sure, the album is now available on numerous platforms for the fixed and pretty fair price of around nine dollars. I am very happy to pay nine dollars for any album that strikes my fancy, so I am sure others will do the same with mine.

But it is not about giving it away. It is about making a clear statement that this music is available to anybody who has the bandwidth to download it. It is about reminding ourselves that the internet is a big conversation (for the chosen few). And it is about searching for new options to spread music.

The record industry model has always been absurd. The fact that most of the wonderful artworks made in the last hundred years do not belong to their creators is just plain crazy. Michael Jackson owns Beetles publishing rights? etcetera.

So after a few months of forced paying I have returned to the pay-what-you-want model. I have also encouraged people to copy the album and give it to friends. If everyone gave it to three friends that would be fabulous. They can always come and pay me sometime. I’ll make it as easy to do this as possible.

For a fair price of YOUR choosing…

A digital sound file is of no value and costs very little to create. The music is of immense value to those who love it, and of little or no value to those who don’t (and everything in between). I don’t know where you fall on the graph of high value to no value. You do. If you take it for free, come back and pay once you have decided where you stand.  

Share it far and wide…

If you really love this music I am sure you know a few people who would love it too. Giving people music that you enjoy means that every time they hear it they think of you with gratitude. Give your friends this digital file. Your friend might never have heard this music if it wasn’t for you.

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