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One Night on Earth gets Twoshoesed

We are busy preparing a brand new edition of One Night on Earth. The limited edition first release is now almost sold out and in preparation for the international iTunes release and for getting more copies into shops around South Africa, Cape Town’s iconic designer Toby Twoshoes has lent his eye to a new cover. Here it is:

Reviews are starting to come it too. American guitarist and African guitar guru Banning Eyre from has done a marvellous review beginning with the great line “Here’s one you didn’t see coming…” Read it here.

Toumani’s producer and resident expert on Malian culture at SOAS in London, Lucy Duran has also taken a listen and says “it really is quite stunning. You’ve done an amazing job of reproducing Toumani’s music and it’s obvious that you have done this with painstaking research, reverence for the music, and a lot of joy. I congratulate you on doing an excellent piece of work.”

Even a review from Poland calls this the best guitar album of 2012! If your polish is any good, read here.

And last, but to my mind most touching, South African guitar guru Tony Cox has called this the “most inspiring guitar music I’ve heard coming from an SA guitarist in a long while….”

For the last few weeks I have been in the green hills of the Eastern Cape where I began a new series of kora transcriptions…I’m still not letting the cat out of the bag on who and what, but I am hearing some really new sounds. I hope this will do even more to show the diversity of this repertoire as it is heard on the guitar. So yes, another night on earth can be expected in the future…

And there is talk, from the far lands of Germany, of another Derek Gripper vinyl, following on from 2009’s “Songs the Swans Left Behind”…but more of that later.

Happy New Year!



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