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The Montessori Guitar: Self Study

“What [Derek Gripper] is doing in his life with educational and other projects is inspiring, and to be honest, I think it is where the guitar should be going.” John Williams in Classical Guitar Magazine UK


The Montessori Guitar Book

Teach yourself guitar from scratch. Also a beginner’s introduction to the features of mTablature used in Derek Gripper’s arrangements.

Includes playing of simple melodies (Twinkle etc), accompanying simple melodies with three string chords, reading six string tablature, playing chords and right hand patterns, and some simple introductions to pieces from the classical repertoire (Brouwer, Villa Lobos, Sor, Aguado, Bach)

Jarabi Cycles for Beginners

If you play guitar already try this book which introduces the basic cycles of the West African classic work Jarabi, given here in step-by-step lessons in 21 pages. Demonstrates the tuning, how to learn the piece in the easiest way possible, and the basic cycles of Jarabi. This will help immensely when tackling the full score.

’56 by Ali Farka Toure: An Introduction

The beautiful classic by Ali Farka Touré. This two page score is a simple introduction to the full arrangement (coming soon). Play with the cycles, make your own structures and cycles.

or download the full African guitar scores here