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Montessori Guitar Method

A new way to learn music…

Over the past few years I have been working to adapt the philosophy of the great Italian educator Maria Montessori to teaching music, and specifically the guitar. The focus of Montessori’s work was to create the possibility for totally natural learning which would result in spontaneous activity beyond the scope of the lessons themselves. Applied to an instrument such as guitar, this means that the teacher’s role is to provide the various elements required for learning guitar in the most simple and direct way, and then step back to allow these elements to come together in a spontaneous way. the way this happens will be totally different for each individual.

My Montessori Guitar materials and specialised notations make this possible, from exploring the harmonic and scalar recourses of the instrument to develop the skills of improvisation, to making the vast repertoire of the classical guitar available even to those who have not been initiated into the specialised discourse of classical music.