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Contemporary Guitar

At the same time as creating a repertoire of music by Great African Composers, I am putting together a collection of works by Great Contemporary Composers outside of Africa. The Brazilian guitarist, pianist and composer Egberto Gismonti is central to this project. His compositions for guitar have never (or rarely) been arranged for six-string guitar and are not available in score format. I am slowly working through this large collection of works and scoring, in both tablature and staff notation, them for acoustic guitar. I am hoping this leads to an interest in the classical guitar community especially, in this prolific composer’s work.

In addition to Gismonti I am working on a collection of pieces by the Swedish jazz pianist Jan Johansson. I first heard his music when I visited Sweden in 2002, his magical jazz renditions of Swedish folk music which is truly the music of enchanted forests everywhere. These sparse piano performances, accompanied by double bass, have transferred fabulously to solo guitar and I have used some of his melodies in the Montessori Guitar Method book.