Solo Acoustic Guitarist | African and Contemporary | Composer and Performer

Cassette Locale Reviews

“There’s something so profoundly huge about hearing the way this man tackles music via just one guitar. You can take the world music of Michael Hedges and the deep folk blues understanding of John Fahey; add in the circular weave of James Blackshaw and the darting lines of Ralph Towner, also Towner’s way of conjuring midnight moods – and of approaching the guitar as if more of a pianist than guitar player. You wrap all of that up and into Derek Gripper’s sound and then add the discipline of classical music; the strictness, always just the right amount of rigidity. For Cassette Locale After Masanobu Fukuoka Derek Gripper has created a deeply spiritual journey, a strange and wonderful mix of ambient soundscaping and proud, modern guitar ragas shaped from African and European classical musics. The guy’s music is breathtaking and this is a truly wonderful – awe-inspiring – piece of music.” Simon Sweetman, Off The Tracks

Review from Poland

Nowy album Dereka Grippera

Review from Venice