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The Six Solo for unaccompanied violin have a long tradition of guitar transcription (Bach himself transcribed some for lute). They are incredible works which have always been my favourite works by Bach. Everything that I have experimented with on the solo guitar has in some way influenced the way I now approach these pieces, from arranging kora music, Gismonti, vihuela compositions to performing them in countless different arrangements, from Paul Galbraith’s 8-string guitar version, Segovia, Jonathan Leathwood, directly from the violin score in standard tuning and now in my own arrangement.

This transcription takes off where my transcriptions of solo kora works leaves off, using a similar tuning, capo position and arrangement concept, as well as the mTab notation which is a derivative of Spanish vihuela tablature of the 1500’s. It is a simple notation to read, can be used for any tunings (scordatura) and allows for maximum freedom in interpretation (especially as regards the duration of supporting voices – something which I see as a positive!).

The result is an arrangement of these incredible works which is easier to play, more resonant and absolutely guitaristic. They should be accessible to all fingerstyle and classical guitarists.

This first Sonata, in the set of three Sonatas and three Partitas, comprises four movements: Adagio, Fuga, Siciliano and Presto.