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Ali Farka Toure Scores


This is a piece performed in two versions by Ali Farka Toure. The first version from the Red and Green albums under the name Cherie, and the second is on Ali’s first World Circuit album under the name Bakoye. This tablature is my own interpretation taken from both of these versions. It uses an alternate tuning with a capo. The tuning is an adaption of Ali’s tuning making it possible to play it on classical guitar. At some point I will make a separate version which uses the original tuning for people playing it on steel string guitar. This present version works for classical guitar or steel string

’56 by Ali Farka Toure: An Introduction

The beautiful classic by Ali Farka Touré. This two page score is a simple introduction to the full arrangement by Derek Gripper. Play with the cycles, make your own structures and cycles.